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21st March 2012


The Benefits Of Two-Way Radio Hire

If you need two-way radios (or walkie talkies as they are also known), there is a choice between hiring them or buying them.

Although you may like to have your own kit it is definitely worth considering radio hire first. The chances are it will save you money.

One of the attractive benefits of radio hire is that if you are hiring radio sets you are likely to be getting the latest technology. This gives you the opportunity to have use of all the latest features and obviously the best communication possible. If you are purchasing equipment you will struggle to be able to afford to upgrade to the latest model each time.

Another money saving aspect to hiring equipment is that you can stop the hire at any time and pocket the savings. You will need to be aware of the details of any contract you sign though in case they have a minimum hire time. 

Depending on the length of time that you need the walkie talkies for, hiring can become an even more favourable option financially. If, say, you require them for a team of builders on a single construction project that is likely to take just a few months, there’s no point shelling out on equipment that will be of no use to you when the build is over.

By hiring, you also avoid the need for the initial capital to buy the products outright, which avoids a large outgoing for your company. Whilst a long term project may not be as cost effective as a short term one (because the hire cost mounts up each month), it can be very useful to have steady monthly outgoings and the power to halt them if you need.

One thing you won’t get if you buy radios is tech support. Tech support is very useful for electronic equipment because the inner workings can be quite complicated. If you are using the walkie talkies for an event, you will need support in case you have problems working them. It’s far easier to ring your friendly hire company so that they can talk you through it than trawling through the web looking for help.

Of course if the problem is not user error with your walkie talkie, if you still can’t get it to work you will require another one. Speedy replacement of faulty equipment is possible with a hire company. They often have out of hours help lines that you can call to give you the back up and peace of mind that you need. If you buy from a shop, you need the shop to be open to be able to take it back, and you will need your receipt too, whereas the hire company will already have you on their records and will have spares in stock for you.

Also, when hiring two-way radios, the general servicing and repair of them is paid for by the hire company. This saves you even more money.

You will usually have to leave a deposit in case of damage to the equipment but this is usual for the hire of any equipment and it’s not a problem if you look after the radios when you are loaned them.

If you need a two-way radio, think hard about whether radio hire is a better option for you. Chances are, it actually is.

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13th March 2012


Tips On What To Look For From A Golf Club In Devon

If you’re looking to play golf in Devon you probably already know how beautiful the county is and what great fun a good round of golf is. There are a lot of different golf clubs in Devon and so it is worth choosing the best one for you before you go.

Firstly, if you already know friends, family or business contacts who have played golf in a club in Devon, ask which club it was and whether or not they liked it. Also, if you know anyone in Devon, find out their opinion too - a club that comes with a personal recommendation is likely to be one that will suit you.

If you don’t have any recommendations to go on you can still find a good club to visit.

If you search the internet you will find a selection of clubs. They will all have different prices and that will be a factor. Another factor is obviously whether or not they have space on the dates that you want.

If there is a group of you, you could be entitled to discounts which will help keep costs down. It may also be the case that you have to be a club member first and this is something you must check with the club.

The quality of the green will be important and you should check this first. You may also want to hire some clubs and if this is the case, check this also.

Many golf clubs have pro’s who are available to give you lessons to improve your game. Find out who the pro is and whether they are able to coach you because you could get a lot of benefit from this.

The location of the club is also important of you are planning on getting out and seeing more of the county. Try and get a course that is near to other attractions you want to visit.

Sometimes, clubs have on-site accommodation and this is ideal if you are staying for a while and want to really concentrate on your game - plus it means that you can get into the social aspects too because you are always there.

If you are on a tight budget you may find it worth booking out of peak season because prices will be lower. Unfortunately with this strategy you do run the risk of getting bad weather. If you don’t mind wrapping up warm, that may not be so much of a problem, but if the weather turns really bad you won’t get a game at all - such is the Devon weather!

If you are wanting to play at golf clubs in Devon you are sure to have a great time because the county is beautiful and the game is good fun. Happy holidays.

For Devon golf try Bigbury Golf Club

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13th March 2012


Holidays Based Around Playing Golf in Devon

If you are a great golf fan then it makes sense to plan a holiday around getting some games in. You don’t even need to leave the United Kingdom because there are plenty of golf clubs in Devon.

Devon is a beautiful area of the UK, in the south and by the sea. It’s rural, has great food and is good for getting outside.

You may not want to book the whole Devon holiday around golf unless you are a huge fan. It depends how much holiday you have, what else you want to see and do in Devon and who you are travelling with.

One option if you are going for a full-on golfing holiday is to try a few clubs in the region to experience the see a bit more of the area. The other option is to just go to the one club which is good if you are planning on taking lessons because the instructor will be the same throughout your trip and they will get to know you and your golf swing well. Another advantage to staying at the same club is that you will be able to get to know fellow members better and make some lasting friendships.

Some golf clubs in Devon have accommodation on site which is very handy if you want to fully immerse yourself in the game and golfing culture for the duration of your trip. It also saves travel costs and time compared to if you were staying off site.

If you have not played golf before but want to give it a go it is probably best just to book one day at a golf course and spend the rest of the time seeing what else Devon has to offer such as great beaches, food and surfing, especially if the people you are travelling with aren’t golfing fans. If you then find you love the game or want to get in some serious practise, you can always book a proper golfing holiday at a later date.

Whichever golf clubs you plan to go to in Devon, check before you go what their prices and membership terms are and whether they have or can recommend anywhere to stay.

If you are serious about the game it is probably best to take your own set of clubs with you so that you can get to know them better and make your game as good as it can be, but if you are simply trying the game out then hiring some clubs will not be a problem.

Devon is an excellent county and a wonderful place to take a golfing holiday so why not play golf in Devon soon.

For Golf Devon - try Bigbury Golf Club

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13th March 2012

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More than 1000 ships and planes have disappeared in the bermuda triangle area over the past five centuries.


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